PSU Tier List

⚡PSU Tier List⚡(4.0 rev 14.3)

The PSU Tier List features the best computer Power Supply Units based on a range of factual information.

All credit goes to the contributors who create and maintain the list on the Linus Tech Tips Forum, huge thanks to Princess Luna@DatTestBench@Stefan Payne@GreatMasterAden@PSUGuru@Ave with a model o and @LukeSavenije without you guys this list wouldn’t be possible.

This site was created out of frustration of not being able to quickly see a complete list of prices for the PSU’s in the list.

Where available we have provided up to date pricing information from Amazon for each Power Supply, ordered by Tier.

PSUTIERLIST.COM Last updated 08/10/20 to match; List 4.0, revision 14.3.

Tier A – High End Gaming Systems ????????????????

( multi/single-rail switchable )

( multi-rail )

( single-rail )

Tier B – Mid-range Gaming Systems ????????????????

Tier C – Budget Gaming Systems ????????????

Tier D – Super Budget (Integrated GPU) Gaming Systems ????????

Tier E – Don’t bother.. ????

Missing Something?

You may find it in on of the previous PSU Tier Lists.