be quiet! Power Supplies: Where Silence Meets Efficiency in Power Supplies

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When you hear the brand name “be quiet!”, the focus on noiseless performance is apparent right from the get-go. This German-based company specializes in producing ultra-quiet yet powerful components for PCs, including fans, coolers, and power supply units (PSUs). This article aims to provide an in-depth look at be quiet!’s footprint in the PSU market, its popular models, and why it might just be the right pick for your next PC build.

  • German engineering with a focus on quiet yet powerful components
  • Primarily known for its PSUs, coolers, and fans
  • Article delves into product offerings, standout features, and customer feedback

History and Background of be quiet!

Founded in 2002, be quiet! has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. The company is a consistent winner of numerous awards for its emphasis on silent operation without compromising on performance.

  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
  • Industry Awards and Recognitions: Multiple awards for its quiet, efficient designs

Product Portfolio

be quiet! offers a range of power supplies designed with both silence and efficiency in mind. From high-end gaming PSUs to more economical choices, they cover the entire spectrum.

  • Types of PSUs: Silent-oriented, Gaming, Budget to High-End
  • Other Products: Cooling solutions, PC Cases

Most Popular Power Supplies by be quiet!

The company’s PSU lineup features popular models like the Dark Power Pro 12 and the Pure Power 11 FM series, each catering to different customer needs.

  • Dark Power Pro 12: Offers Platinum efficiency and modular design for high-end builds.
  • Pure Power 11 FM: Known for its Gold efficiency and more budget-friendly price.

These power supplies are designed with silent operation in mind, employing features like specially designed fans and high-quality capacitors.

What Sets be quiet! Apart

What differentiates be quiet! from other brands is its commitment to delivering high performance while maintaining ultra-quiet operation. The company uses its proprietary SilentWings fans in its PSUs for noiseless cooling.

  • Unique Selling Points: Ultra-quiet operation, premium quality components, German engineering
  • Innovations: Proprietary SilentWings fans, high-quality Japanese capacitors

Why Consider be quiet! for Your Next PSU

With be quiet!, you get the assurance of a product built on German engineering and quality control. Their power supplies come with high energy-efficiency ratings and have received positive reviews from both users and critics alike.

  • Energy Efficiency: Options from 80 PLUS Bronze to Platinum
  • Customer Reviews: Known for long-lasting durability and silent operation
  • Industry Recognition: Consistently high scores from tech reviews and consumer ratings


be quiet! lives up to its name, offering power supplies that combine silent operation with excellent performance. Whether you are an avid gamer or someone who just wants a quiet workspace, be quiet! has a PSU tailored to your needs.

  • Summary of Key Points: Emphasis on silent operation, a broad range of products, and high-quality engineering make be quiet! a brand worth considering.
  • Final Thoughts: For those valuing both silence and efficiency, be quiet! offers a balanced and reliable solution.

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