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PSU Tier List

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TLDR; These are the absolute Best Power Supplies for Gaming

To keep things simple and to give you more likelihood of actually finding one in the current stock shortage, we’ve listed the best power supplies from our PSU tier list, broken down by build type, high end, midrange and budget.

Best Power Supply for High End Gaming Systems 

( multi/single-rail switchable )

( multi-rail )

( single-rail )

Best Power Supply for Mid-range Gaming Systems 

Best Power Supply for Budget Gaming Systems 

Why Should You Spend More For A High-Quality Power Supply?

Spending more for a high quality power supply will ensure you get better quality components that are more power efficient.

Whilst power supplies aren’t particularly exciting, they are one of the most important parts of your build.

Features to look out for are things such as

  • 10 year warranty
  • 80 Plus Titanium Efficiency rating
  • Fully Modular
  • Silent Operation

How to Choose the Best Gaming Power Supply

Choosing the best gaming power supply is slightly subjective, what is the best power supply for one build isn’t necessarily the best for another.

Budget will also factor into the decision of which to buy.

Depending on which graphics card you choose will also dictate which power supply you need.

Do I Need a Modular Power Supply?

Modular Power Supplies make building your PC easier as all the cables are removable.

Not only do removable cables make it easier to build, they can also potentially (depending on the brand) be replaced easily with custom cables.

Modular power supplies do tend to be more expensive (but not always).

You don’t need a modular power supply though, it wont have any impact on your power supplies performance.

In addition to fully modular power supplies, you can also buy semi modular power supplies, these tend to have the motherboard power connectors hard wired and non removable.

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