Best PSU Tier Lists

PSU Tier List

Finding the Best Power Supply for your computer can be hard work.

There’s different styles, power ratings, standards, the list goes on. was created to help you find some of the best rated PSU’s as quickly and efficiently as possible, hence why we always try to include current pricing and links to purchase our top rated power supplies.

But, we’re not the only psu tier list on the internet, whilst we aim to be the best psu tier list, there’s plenty of other great sources that are also worth checking out.

7 Best Power Supply Tier Lists

Below we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best PSU Tier Lists, with some obvious bias!

RatingTier ListSource
2[psucultists] PSU Tier List
3PSU Hierarchy 2020 – Power Supply Unit Tier List
4Power Supply Unit Hierarchy Chart
5PSU Hierarchy
6The Complete PSU Hierarchy List
7PSU Hierarchy: The Ultimate Tier List

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